Taylor's Experience Not Her Most Valuable Asset

John D. Homan

July 5, 2016

SAN DIEGO - Her enthusiasm for life is infectious. And she plays with a gusto that is not easily matched. Taleen Taylor is without a doubt a key ingredient to the success of the San Diego SeaLions soccer team.

This charismatic, ever-smiling 28-year-old outside midfielder marks her third year with the team. To say she is excited about the team’s prospects is to say San Diego is “sort of” a beautiful city. In other words, she's stoked.

"I've played on three different WPSL teams and I can tell you that I enjoy this style with the SeaLions a lot," Taylor said. "California players are more dynamic with the ball, for the most part. They are quicker, stronger, and more technical. I like that."

SeaLions head coach Jen Lalor couldn't suppress a chuckle when asked to comment on Taylor's value to the team.

"Feisty. That's Taleen. She is tenacious on defense and always looking to make things happen on the offensive side. She likes to dribble, penetrate, and do spectacular things with the ball."

Taylor, whose father was a soccer player, grew up in Riverside, CA and then played her high school soccer at Ramona High School, where she also competed in volleyball and track. But it is soccer where she excelled, setting scoring records before accepting a four-year scholarship from Boston University.

"Boston is really beautiful. It's culturally and historically admirable. I had a great four years there playing soccer, not just playing but also working with a youth team, where I taught the values of the game to young girls. I also worked at a public high school, where I tried to show kids that they can use sports as a way to cope with anything negative in their lives."

Taylor said she thinks that becoming a guidance counselor at a high school might ultimately be the job she feels would best suit her.

As much as she loved Boston, however, Taylor said the allure of home was too great to ignore.

"I realized what my priorities were,” she says. “My mom made a lot of sacrifices so that I could play this game. I decided I wanted to be nearer to her and the rest of my family. It wasn't a hard choice. Who doesn't love San Diego anyway?"

When not kicking the ball, Taylor spends much of her spare time with her husband, Shaun, whom she met in Boston. Shaun, a footballer from England whose career was cut short by injury, now manages a sports nutrition company. 

"We love to go to local coffee roasters," she said. "We enjoy riding bikes, hiking, art, reading...whatever. It's mainly just about being together laughing and enjoying each other."

"I don't take anything for granted when I play," Taylor said. "I play for both of us. And I hope to keep doing it with the SeaLions for another few years!"

The San Diego SeaLions (www.SeaLionSoccer.com) are a non-profit 501c3 entity dedicated to fostering women's soccer coaching, playing, and business management opportunities. It’s one of the oldest and most successful women’s soccer clubs in the USA and is a charter member of the 100-team WPSL. The SeaLions play their home matches at Manchester Stadium on the campus of Cathedral High School, 5555 Del Mar Heights Road, San Diego, CA 92130.

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