You've cheered for Sammie. You've laughed with Sammie. You've shared in Sammie's booty-shakin', all-out enjoyment of every SeaLions success. But who is the real Sammie the SeaLion? We sat down with your favorite mascot to get the scoop.

The Interview

Q: Hey, Sammie. Everyone has been wondering where you are from.
SAMMIE: I was born near the Children's Pool in La Jolla and I grew up right here in San Diego. Currently I live near Torrey Pines State Beach. I love this spot since I'm swimming distance from the team's home, Cathedral High School. Being so close gives me more time to do what I do best - root for the greatest team of all time: the SeaLions!

Q: Do you come from a large family?
SAMMIE: Yeah, I come from a very large family. We sea lions mature pretty quickly so I have a lot of relatives that I've never met -- until I became the SeaLions' team mascot! Now I have uncles, aunts, cousins and nephews coming out of the woodwork asking me for tickets and stuff.

Q: Are your parents proud of you?
SAMMIE: My parents are extremely proud of me! I am the first one in my family to work outside of the water.

Q: Do you have other relatives in the Entertainment Business or Sports?
SAMMIE: Yeah, Cabo down at the San Diego Zoo is my cousin on my mother's side. Check out his video. Then there is Lou Seal of the San Francisco Giants, he is another cousin twice removed. Rumor has it the Phillie Phanatic is related, but by marriage only.

Q: Sounds like you have quite a sweet tooth!
SAMMIE: Yes I do! Yet I always make sure I brush my teeth three times a day. My whiskers make great dental floss!

Q: How did you become such a huge SeaLions fan?
SAMMIE: I'm a San Diego native and the SeaLions are in my blood! My dad was a big-time soccer fan and so was my grandpa! How can anyone not be a SeaLions fan!?! We've had so many great players over the last 20+ years -- you just gotta love the SeaLions!
I love cheering with the fans and helping to keep our team morale up and positive!

Q: So you must love your job.
SAMMIE: It is a dream job! I love cheering with the fans and helping to keep our team up and positive! It is no small coincidence that we have done so well since my first year on the job.

Q: Besides going to soccer games, what else do you enjoy doing?
SAMMIE: I love making public appearances. It is great getting out and meeting SeaLions fans. I enjoy going to community and charity events, schools, birthday parties. I especially love attending corporate get-togethers. I've done some appearances around town. It was great fun. When I'm not at a game or making an appearance, you might find me relaxing at the Children's Pool in La Jolla, chasing mermaids or fishin' for mackerel.

Q: What is your advice to kids on how they should enjoy a Sealions game?
SAMMIE: They should wear their SeaLions gear, root, root, root for the SeaLions, and get ready to catch t-shirts, cuz' when the SeaLions score I get to toss t-shirts into the crowd! And don't be afraid to join me dancing around during the match!


Full Name: Sammie the SeaLion

Postion: GK, D, M, F

Born: May 29, 2009

Kicks: Right and Left

Height: Taller than your average sea lion

Weight: Less than your average sea lion

Seasons: in third season

Career Goals: Too many to count

Goals Against Avg: With these flippers 0.00

Like a fish out of water, Sammies' flip-flopping mystique and crazy sense of humor contribute high-powered enthusiasm to Jen's roster.

Participates in visiting hospitals, youth organizations and civic groups throughout San Diego.

Graduated from San Diego Zoo Academy, majoring in Beach Ball Balancing and Shark Avoidance ... started own crab-leg restaurant at Shelter Island, where Sammie invented original Fish Taco ... won the San Diego's Tuna Eating Contest flippers-down from 2010 ... once grew whiskers so long, Sammie was mistaken for an octopus ... someday aspires to be a special guest at Sea Worlds Shamu Show.

Spotted by Amie Becker at Peohe's. Turned down offers from other teams to sign with the SeaLions.

Enjoys going to the movies, eating dinner (lots of it), dancing (all the time), swimming, playing soccer and many other sports, and likes to watch Fox Soccer when at home.

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